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Aloe Capsule

Aloe Capsule (For Constipation, Obesity, Pimples)

1. It stops constipation, and it cleanses digestive tracks and removes toxic substances.
2. It speeds up the metabolism of body fat, and helps to lose weight and prevent obesity.
3. It enhances the immune system, and keeps body balanced.
4. It ensures anti-aging and treats chronic inflammatory problems. It keeps the skin healthy, diminishes winkles and prevents teen acne.

It is used for the treatment of constipation, weight-loss, teen acne, chronic acne and pimples, anti-aging, and chronic inflammatory problems, such as chronic throat inflammation, tonsillitis, etc.

Dosage: For oral use only. Take 1-2 capsules daily.
Regular use of the capsules for 3-6 months brings remarkable results to the body.
Precaution:  Do not use if pregnant.
Specification: 24 capsules per bottle.
Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place

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