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Evergreen Healthcare (Gh.) Ltd is a famous Chinese Herbal Company in Ghana which deals in the production, importation and distribution of herbal medicines which have no chemicals whatsoever. Evergreen Healthcare products are 100% green – purely natural.

Evergreen Healthcare undertakes in-depth research prior to producing herbal products for effectiveness. Our Chief Executive Officer, Dr H. C. Guo, personally research and develop the formula for the products, in order to meet the requisite quality or standard for effectiveness and customers satisfaction. Products of Evergreen Healthcare are authentic and registered by NAFDAC in Ghana.

Evergreen Healthcare is a health centre for Arthritis, Spondylosis, Stroke and Cardiovascular diseases or problems. Evergreen Healthcare is popularly known for its Huatuo Zaizao which combats stroke; Artix Capsule which stimulates blood circulation; and Paynn Capsule which is for rheumatism, spondylosis, and gout among others. The products of Evergreen Healthcare are basically for the reproductive health of men and women, hypertension, body pains, stress/depression, aging, piles, skin diseases, weight loss, trauma, indigestion and cold/flu among others.

We select more effective herbal medicines from China and import them into Ghana and other African countries. We also have a factory to produce suitable herbal supplements to boost the health of the Ghanaian and African market at large.

Evergreen Healthcare is also an Original Equipment Manufacturer for clinics or herbal shops. We produce herbal products for those who have the materials for the production of these drugs, but have no factories to produce them.

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