W L pills

W L pills (Arthritis, numbness, pain)

W L Pills is designed to use some famous herbal extracts to be processed through high technology in GMP standard factory. Its outstanding pain stopping effect and treatment performance have been accepted by more African friends.

Function and Indications: Promote (stimulate) smooth circulation of blood and vital energy to relax muscles and tendons, strengthen tendons and bones.

Used for rheumatic or rheumatoid arthritis with numbness of the limbs and aching of the back and legs, and sprain, traumatic injury with pain.

Administration and dosage: For oral use only. 10 pills each time, 2 times daily.

Precautions: After every one-week of administration, take3 days break and then continue. Don't use if pregnant.

Specification: 200pills per bottle.
Storage: keep in cool and dry place.

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